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Serene Jade Buddha Pendant – Profound Peace and Prosperity

Infuse your life with peace and prosperity with our Serene Jade Buddha Pendant. This delicately carved pendant embodies tranquility and is said to attract positive energy and abundance. The serene expression of the Buddha inspires a calm presence and mindfulness in daily life.

Each piece has been attuned to the Dragon energies for success, abundance, prosperity.


  • Crafted from genuine jade, known for its healing properties and bringing good luck
  • Intricately detailed carving of a smiling Buddha – a symbol of happiness and contentment
  • Soft, translucent green hue that complements any skin tone
  • Durable and elegant metal bail for easy threading onto your favorite chain
  • Ideal for a serene addition to your meditation practice or a mindful accessory for everyday wear


  • Pendant size: 2.5cm W x 2.3cm H x 1cm Thk

What's Included:

  • 1 Jade Buddha Pendant 

Styling Tip: Pair this serene pendant with a simple gold chain for a touch of elegance or a silk cord for a more traditional look. It serves as a gentle reminder to embrace peace throughout your busy day.

Care Instructions: Handle your jade pendant with care. Clean it with a soft, dry cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. Store it separately to prevent scratching.

Perfect For: This pendant is a thoughtful gift for loved ones seeking peace, well-being, or a connection to Buddhist philosophy. It's also a beautiful piece for anyone who appreciates the timeless beauty of jade.

Note: Each piece of jade is unique, with natural variations in color and translucency, making your pendant a one-of-a-kind treasure.