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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Q. How do I cleanse my crystal?

You can use White Sage, Palo Santo or the Crystal Cleansing Spray to cleanse your crystals.

Q: How often should you cleanse your crystals?

We encourage and teach our customers to empower them, to cleanse their crystals once they bring the crystal home. And if you use it often, to cleanse it at least weekly. You may decide to do it more often.

How to Charge Your Crystals

Q: How to charge my crystals?

You may use another crystal such as a selenite slab, or plate, clear quartz cluster, amethyst cave and so on, to charge your smaller crystals. You will still need to cleanse the larger crystals you use for charging as well.

Pyramids and sacred geometry can also be used to charge your crystals.

You may also use the energies from the sun and moon to charge your crystals. Remember, lighter pastel coloured crystals should be charged in the moon, not in the sun as they may fade over time.

Q : How often should I charge my crystals?

If you use them often, please charge them often. At least 2x a month.

After I buy my crystal, what do I do with it?

Q: Common question- what do I do with the crystal after I bring it home

Once you bring it home, you should cleanse it.

After that you can program it. You may have read else where about setting intentions, this is the same thing. You are giving the crystal you just bought a set of clear instructions to help it, help you.

You may wish to close your eyes, breathe deeply and centre and ground yourself. Hold the crystal in your hands, and speak to it, from your heart, clearly stating your intent. If you have trouble with this, you may wish to write it down first.

Omg. I broke my crystal.

Q: I broke my crystal! Help!!!!

It does happen. It may be your favourite piece, and there's a million ways to rationalise what just happened. Please try not to.

If it's chipped, it's very likely the crystal is still useable. The time when it should be returned to Mother Earth, is when it breaks, and it becomes murky energetically or colour-wise.

What else can I do with my crystals?

Q: What can I do with my crystals?

The ways to use crystals is varied, creative and fun. Think back to historical dramas where royalty, spiritual leaders would use them not just as jewellry, but also as part of their crowns, armour and clothing. There is a reason why, and we still encourage customers to get creative with this as well. Hold them, wear them, meditate with them, use them as art pieces in your home, Minerals are here to support mankind on our journey on Earth. The closer they are with you, the better!

Q: Do you hold any crystal classes?

Yes we do have crystal classes. Currently we are putting together a new course, so please follow us on Facebook/ Instagram or on Email to know when we launch it.

Thank you!