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Awakening Your Untapped Consciousness

Self Mastery through Accessing Your Akashic Records

Each of us has the potential of awakening the untapped consciousness within us, to live a life of grace and joy.  If you have ever desired to navigate through the waters of Life with a deep knowing, or ever felt like there is ‘something more’ to life and it keeps eluding you, or if you constantly feel ‘stuck’, or even desire to open your heart to spirituality and don’t know where to begin, then this book is for you.

Join Tarra ( Tarra is the Founder of Full Circle and Akashic Light Academy) as she takes you on a personal retreat, to show you how to create magic and miracles in your life with the energies of the Akasha; how to access timeless wisdom for yourself- to co-create with your Akashic Masters; a life in flow and of purpose.

Tarra breathes modern practicality into ancient teachings, as she teaches you how to Access the Akashic Records for yourself in a safe and effective way; using the Akashic Light Sacred Prayers that she channelled, that has never been shared before, outside a classroom.