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Mist of Abundance

A proprietary blend of 8 essential oils & essences meticulously hand blended and energized with the abundant and magnetic energies of 8.8, Leo and Higher Dimensional frequencies.

The Mist of Abundance has been attuned to cleanse and refresh the aura as it brings in light, abundance and love into your auric fields and chakras.

Energetically safe to use throughout the day.

How to use:

Method 1
Spray once: above the crown all around your aura and your heart chakra.

Method 2
Spray onto your palms, one spritz each palm, rub palms together and inhale the scent 3 times then smooth the aura with the palms and down the front and back of the body.

Method 3:
Spray into the corners of your space.

I am Love
I am Light
I am Divine
I manifest abundance and love with Divine ease and grace

Not suitable to be used around or on pets, children and delicate fabric.