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The Benefits of Drinking Gem Water

First, let’s talk about why tap or bottled water just doesn’t cut it.

Energetically, tap and bottled water is dead, due to the treatment and bottling processes. Consider how leafy greens boiled to death are of greatly-reduced nutritional and energetic value to your body.

Treated water, while allowing your body to function at a very basic level, possesses few health-giving properties. But no, we aren’t suggesting you start drinking raw, unprocessed water, sold at ridiculous prices. Instead, we are suggesting you switch to gem water!
Gem water is energetically more alive than regular water. It is ‘regular’ water that has been infused with crystal vibrations to create a health-giving elixir. In some traditions, elements like thunder and lightning may be used- but we’re not fond of dramatics! Crystals have the capacity to change the energetic and molecular arrangement of water molecules without being in direct contact with them. Each type of crystal leaves its own energy signature in the water, and has a specific effect on the body.
So, why is gem water better for you? Gem water allows for more enduring, profound healing, from the inside out. It is more easily absorbed by the body, and enables detoxification and better hydration. Each Vitajuwel blend has different properties, targeting different aspects of the physical body. Gemwater also supports your physical health by dismantling detrimental emotional patterns, which, in the long run, can create health issues.
Gem water tastes better, and can make you feel and look better. What’s not to love?
To get you started, we’ve put together a handy guide to our cool favourites.

The moon has long been an object of fascination, and for good reason- it is our pattern maker and influences our natural cycles. This blend is made of pearlescent rainbow moonstone and clear quartz. Moonstone stimulates the functioning of the pineal gland and balances internal hormone cycles. Your cycle will run like clockwork! Moonstone also develops the intuition, opens the heart and brings you more understanding of yourself. With clear quartz, you’ll have lustrous hair, stronger nails, and clearer skin to boot.

Men, don’t feel left out. Get in touch with your gentle, feminine side, thanks to this blend and your better half will thank you for it. Or why not purchase one of these bottles for your better half?

One thing’s for sure, Luna will have you under its spell in no time.

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What if the secret to happiness was found in a bottle? (and we don’t mean your favourite bottle of wine!) This blend contains joyful orange calcite, vibrant carnelian, and blessed bade. If you feel you need more positivity and blessings in your life, this blend was made for you! Carnelian aids circulation and blood quality, while orange calcite promotes digestion and regulates metabolism. Not to be outdone, nephrite jade supports the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, and can even help the ungainly, accident prone amongst us gain a better sense of balance.

This blend warms the body, is gently detoxifying, boosts creativity and aids in the harnessing of your personal power. It creates within us an aura of joy and optimism.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

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Stress levels through the roof? Find yourself unable to relax? Forever Young could be just what the doctor ordered! This blend of aventurine, aquamarine, and smoky quartz offers you both a physical and energetic cleanse. Aventurine soothes the skin, helps you get a good night’s sleep, and aids regeneration. Aquamarine will improve your focus and stamina, while supporting the kidneys and thyroid gland. And with smoky quartz’s relaxing effect, stress, pain, and anxiety will... go up in smoke (pun intended)! Finally, the harmonising properties of clear quartz bring all these crystals together powerfully, creating the ultimate chill pill.

So the next time your boss sticks you with an unreasonable deadline or you find yourself stuck in an MRT breakdown, you’ll be able to stay cool as a cucumber.

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Being surrounded by negativity- be it from the people around you, of from your work or home environment- can be a hindrance to your overall health and well-being. Ever noticed how a friend who feels down in the dumps, tends to bring you down with them? Let Guardian be your first line of defence. This is a protective blend of amethyst, black tourmaline and clear quartz. Amethyst releases tension and pain, and lowers blood pressure. Black tourmaline shields you from negativity and negative EMF, while encouraging energy flow in the meridians. Clear quartz amplifies the effects of both these crystals.

You’ll find yourself mentally stronger. Your ideas will flourish in the energetic sanctuary you’ll have created for yourself, and you’ll have more energy and to devote to self-development.

Power up your defences against the energetic kryptonite that is negativity with Guardian.


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