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Is Crystal-Infused Water the
Next Big Health Trend?

We’ve heard it time and time again: “Drink eight cups of water a day for good health.”

But what if that water is of poor quality? What determines water quality in the first place?

Water quality has long been determined by its chemical properties. But thankfully, we know better!

Research shows that the arrangement of water molecules - its structure - is more important than chemical properties in determining water quality.1

The structure of water reacts to any change or stimulus, much like the nervous system. Light, sound, and energies modify its natural structure. Modern treatment processes like purification, transportation through pipes at high pressure, and bottling wreak havoc on the natural structure of water. So the bad news is, the water you a drinking is very likely to be as dead as a doornail!

If we consider the fact that the human body is mostly composed of water, we understand that high quality water forms the foundation of our health. Our cells have a hard time absorbing the dead, unstructured water that we feed them, leaving us poorly hydrated. In the long run, cognitive function, digestion, and various systems in the body can be adversely affected.

But it’s not all gloom and doom! Generous Mother Nature provides us a solution: crystals! The healing properties of crystals can restructure water, restoring its quality and giving it life. And we have the perfect system to enable you to make your own gem water- as water infused with crystal energy is commonly known- in the comfort of your own home, for your pets or even on the go!

Meet Vitajuwel.

If you’re asking yourself “What kind of sorcery is this?”, here’s the long and short of it. Crystals, contained in pods or vials, transfer their energy signature to the water they are immersed in, creating a hexagonal geometric pattern.

This restructured water has improved pH-value, oxygen content, and overall energy, and is more easily absorbed by our cells. It heals you on a physical and emotional level, from the inside out. ( yes, you can view the report from Institute Hagalis  here)

The blends of crystals are carefully created for specific physical or emotional issues. All it takes is seven minutes for your water to be restructured. What’s seven minutes when you consider the significant benefits of superior quality water? You might even find yourself enjoying water more than you ever have, because gem water simply tastes better.  

It’s only a matter of time before gem water becomes your favourite libation.