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Blue Kyanite Pendant Set with Chain - Energetic Bridges To Resonance & Harmony

Approximate Dimensions: 12mm w x 16mm L
Approximate Weight ( with chain): 3.8g-4g
Location: Brazil

These pendants are sold with silver chains and 1 set will be intuitively picked for you. ☺️

Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra, encouraging communication and self-expression.

Kyanite assists the mind and heart to bridge dissonance and blocks. It assists to rebuild and restructure emotional, mental and habitual patterns for the highest good.

It is used to facilitate psychic ability, promote communication with higher beings, and is an ideal transmitter of energy.  

It helps to build better relationships, and ease communication; building an energetic bridge between people, in harmony and love.

It is also protective, it assists to clear the aura, provide an energetic shield for you to cut through cloudy thoughts, indecision or hesitancy, so you can move forward with ease and confidence.