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Seraphinite has a lovely spiritual energy that may help your search for spiritual enlightenment and will assist you with self healing. It aids your connection to beings in the angelic realm and may help you to make contact with the Divine Feminine.

This green and silver crystal has a number of very powerful characteristics, including being one of the stones that aid contact with nature spirits.

It has impressive healing attributes for both physical and emotional healing. It is a stone to aid you to bring Divine Light into your being and this brings with it spiritual healing.

This stone has a sweet vibration that centers you and brings through spiritual energy. It can help you to clear blockages in your meridians and in your auric field that are holding back your spiritual growth. By meditating with this beautiful stone, many of you may discover that you make a connection to the angelic realm and may find that you make a connection with the Divine Feminine. Seraphinite is known to open the Crown Chakra and the soul star chakra above that, to bring Divine light through into your being.

The vibration of this stone brings an influx of light into the cells to aid healing on all levels and you may find after you have used it for a while that you seems to be infused with the light that is now resonating within you.

The energy of Seraphinite will also aid emotional healing, as you let go of old issues that are no longer what you desire for your life.

As you allow the joyful energy that this stone brings to flow through you out into your entire auric field, you may be open to understand more clearly the meaning of enlightenment.

As you see this in the context of your own life, you may begin to behave towards others in a more balanced and peaceful way.

The energy of the stone may also stimulate an awakening of the kundalini. As the kundalini rises up the spine it will clear and activate all of the chakras.

It has been found by many users of this stone that out of body journeys are made easier by the presence of this stone close by. These lovely green stones are said to be a powerful aid to protect the physical body while you are gone.

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