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Que Sera

If you adore Quantum Quattro and love Super Seven, here is the next greatest combination crystal! This stone is found only in Brazil and is a mixture of different types of stone including Quartz, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoisite and Leucozene.

Que Sera, aka Vulcanite, are new-age stones with this unusual vibration that is amazing and completely different. Looking into the crystal will bring a sparkle to one’s eyes, a shine to one’s life and a substance to one’s aspirations. It encourages one to let loose and enjoy life.

Que Sera stones are very active at all times. They are always full of energy. They have the potential to communicate with us telepathically. The vibration of this stone will help you to utilize the help of beings in higher realms whom may wish to help guide and assist you on your path. It seems these stones truly offer light in times of darkness.

Que Sera crystals are stones with an amazing and completely different and unusual vibration and a multiplicity of differing aspects that makes them quite unique.

This stone brings energy through to you via the higher chakras. Que Sera crystals vibrate within a number of chakras and are a pleasure to use.

This creates an effect on all of the different planes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic. It is an excellent stone to help you when you are stressed as it brings through calmness and serenity. They have a very friendly and attractive vibration that reaches out to you.

This is a crystal with a very powerful vibration, that brings strong spiritual light and energy into the body and through into your auric field to balance your meridians and recharge your energy. These stones will stimulate psychic communication abilities as well as clairaudience, and it may be helpful to use it at the throat chakra for this purpose. They have a lovely energy that is very appealing, and they are really pleasant to use.

They resonate very strongly within all of the chakras but are quite powerful within the higher chakras and within the soul star chakra and crown chakra in particular. Having one in your pocket is very helpful, to assist you to gain an awareness of where you would like your life path to take you. It helps you to become conscious of the range of alternatives, that you may discover are available to you as your life unfolds.

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