Herkimer Diamond

Purify and energize yourself and connect to the Realm of Spirit using the intensely bright Light from Herkimer ‘Diamonds’.

Herkimer Diamond is a form of Quartz that often contains oil, carbon, or mineral inclusions that add to the stone’s magical properties. One of the oldest Quartzes, it slowly formed underwater hundreds of millions of years ago and hold the wisdom of the ages in its crystalline depths. Formed as individual crystals within a matrix, Herkimers are double terminated. Therefore, they help both to break old patterns and to retrieve and reintegrate parts of the soul that fragmented in other lives. 

Herkimers unite body, mind, spirit, multidimensions, and consciousness into an integrated whole. They work well as a multidimensional information highway. A powerful agent of transmutation and purification, Herkimers transform the way you see the world. They aid you in creating within the physical body new neural pathways that connect to the lightbody and to All That Is to manifest your spiritual potential on Earth. Herkimer Diamonds attunes you to a much higher reality and accelerates your spiritual growth, so you become coherent at every level of being.

Herkimer Diamond carries an energy of delicate harmony and an understanding of the essential being within the self. It allows for appreciation of all that is within us, and encourages us to recognize that there is “nothing to become,” that we already are what we are seeking and only need to allow the actualization.

Herkimers encourage the concept of beginning again in this lifetime, clearing the body-mind system of unconscious fears and repressions, and allowing for total relaxation and expansion of the Life energy.

In clear Herkimers, water inclusions stimulate the heart center, creating an illuminating and uplifting energy that may bring on feelings of rapture. In foggier Herkimers, water inclusions allow one to see what one fears most within oneself, without judgment or losing heart. Water-and-carbon-included Herkimers assist in removing energetic chords, arrows or patterns from the emotional body.

These crystals are manifestations of pure, solidified spiritual Light. They emanate a high, harmonious energy that positively “sings” on the upper levels of the Quartz vibrational spectrum. Herkimers are ideal for body layouts, dream work, meditation pieces, jewelry, templates, energy tools or just about any other application.
They not only broadcast their own energies—they can also pick up and magnify the frequencies of other stones. Herkimer Diamonds emanate the brightest crystal Light, and they help purify one’s energy field and attune one to the white Light of Divine essence. 

Wearing Herkimer Diamonds can give one the grace of a constant, almost subliminal connection to the higher spiritual domains. Angels are drawn to the pure etheric radiance emanated by these stones, and Herkimers can therefore be used as aids for those who wish to communicate or commune with the angels..

Our Range of Herkimer Diamonds