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Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

$25.00 SGD
Fees: $25
Venue: Full Circle SG
Suitable for all levels.
These sessions work on the connective tissues and muscles, stretching and releasing old patterns we carry in our body and by so doing, we allow space for healing to take place. These sessions are combined with Yoga Nidra, to bring you gently into a theta brain state, to empower the body to heal itself naturally. 
You need to bring: Blanket, and Waterbottle
What is provided: Yoga Mat, Props, & Water
About Tarra
After taking yoga classes for 4 years, Tarra attended her first teacher training in 2011. She has taught various forms of yoga, and she became fascinated with the natural  alignment of each individual, with anatomy, and the holistic results that Yin Yoga offered her students. She now focuses on teaching Yin and the energetic aspects of this practice. 
When not teaching Yin Yoga, Tarra is also an esoteric teacher, healer, and founder of the Akashic Light Academy and Full Circle SG.