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Yellow Phantom 9mm

$180.00 SGD

Fits wrists 15 - 16 cm. 

Phantom Quartz guides us on a path to finding a resolution to our problems. While they may be messy, it brings our awareness inward, and in that stillness, it allows solutions to arise. Sometimes that solution could be as simple as letting go.😉

Most times the vibrations of this crystal help in pushing out what is hidden from you (or within you) and with that,  the internal conflict, the 'dilemmas', and the eternal battle within comes to an aburpt end. Your vision becomes clear- situations, people's intentions, and your own, will have to stand in the Light.

The Phantom Quartz reminds us that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And the phantom quartz assists us by helping us not overthink our situations. It allows us to just be, and somehow everything works itself out; you are in balance🤗.

Wearing the Phantom Quartz, allows its sacred medicine to work continuously on your energy field. Just remember the important first steps. Breathe deeply. Leave behind the ego, and allow your soul to learn and grow from the experience. And by doing that your 'personality' is able to evolve.