ViA Pod- Golden Moments

Rhinegold - Halite Salt • Garnet

GOLDEN MOMENTS is one of the three unique blends created with Dr.Masaru Emoto and Vitajuwel. This precious blend contains Gold which has been hand-harvested from the river Rhine in Germany, exotic Halite Salt (the 'Salt of Kings') and a piece of fiery Garnet.

GOLD - Has been considered the King of Metals since the beginning of time and its healing powers have been known ever since prehistoric times as well. Gold brings self confidence and symbolises wealth.

Physically, this metal strengthens the veins and bones and can bring much relief for those that suffer from arthritis and gout. It also has the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy in the body for the treatment of autism, dyslexia, epilepsy and scoliosis.

Gold encourages the regeneration of cells and our DNA and also neurotransmitters in both lobes of the brain creating balance of brain function.

HALITE- The energy of Halite is cleansing, purifying and energising on all of one?s energy fields. It helps to clear energy blocks and bring one energy fields into balance.

GARNET- is a powerful energizing and regenerative stone. It balances, strengthens and protects.