ViA - Fitness

A blend specially created for those into health and  fitness! Red Jasper promotes physical endurance  and stamina. This is essential for those who want to  build muscles, make sure to pack this blend with  your workout gear! It also supports r ecovery from  physical weakness due to illness.

Along with exercise and a balanced diet, nothing supports an active lifestyle better than enough fresh water. Drinking water first thing in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism. Lots of people confuse thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated could help you avoid overeating. Make a fresh start, put on your running shoes and fill your water bottle with "Fitness" gemwater!

Include this special blend with beaming red jasper, solid magnesite and pure rock crystal in your regular workout schedule and be ready for a surprise!

Benefits of Red Jasper:

  • Helps with energy levels including mental activity.
  • Regulates temperature, helps with circulation, and oxygen supply in the blood.
  • Helps with tiredness.

Benefits of Magnesite:

  • Detoxifies, lowers acidity good for the stomach, intestine & gall bladder.
  • Helps relieve pain, colic, migraines, headaches, sore muscles.
  • Also helps with nausea, heartburn and pain.
Benefits of Clear Quartz:
  • Distributes energy, alleviates pain, lowers high temperature.
  • Harmonises nerves, glands & hormones.
  • Increases the effect of other crystals.
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