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Ultimate Protection Bracelet 8mm

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$55.00 SGD

🤜🏻 Fits wrist size 15-16cm

💎8mm Black Tourmaline & Bronzite with silver or gold spacers used

The Ultimate Protection Evolve Energized Bracelet pairs 2 grounding and protective stones to support you and Give you a boost of confidence, lifting your spirits, and nudging you to let go negative thoughts and emotions that keep you from your true potential.

✔️ Assists to clear self doubt

✔️ Inner strength & resilience

✔️ Inner Peace

✔️ Grounding, aids Manifestation & taking decisive action

💎Black Tourmaline- Provides psychic protection and EMF protection. A strong grounding stone. Increases mental alertness, improves circulation and boosts immunity.


💎Bronzite - uplifting energies alleviating fears, self doubt and insecurity. Boosts confidence and encourages contemplation, to strategize and take action. 

Crystals used are paired for their energetic resonance and will be cleansed and energized specifically to the wearer.

At checkout, please let us know the name of the person it's for, so that the bracelet can be energetically attuned to you or the person it's for.