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Change in Opening Hours: Sunday Closed
Change in Opening Hours: Sunday Closed

The Abundance Multiplier

$68.00 SGD

Fits wrists 15 - 16 cm.

"This combination of red and green garnet may remind you of Christmas, and what it feels like is Christmas came early."

Garnets are abundance stones. The almandine (deep dark red) garnet offers you stability and strength, a supportive stone, giving you a natural grace, and ease in all that you do, alleviating worry, panic, and fear, grounding one on this physical plane to manifest their heartfelt desires into the world.

They also assist us to open ourselves up to joy, and by connecting this source of joy, ease and satisfaction, allowing it to run through our to cellular memory- where past life blockages around money could have seeded, this very connection naturally assists us to clear the karmic patterns we hold about our abundance or our lack. 

Green Garnets are potent prosperity stones and as it heals one's limitations on the physical level, whether it affects one's wealth or health (they are also generative stones) It helps one to perceive true abundance in one's life, and to celebrate and enjoy life, bringing the playful attitude back into your every day and it is the combination of feeling supported by Mother Earth and all around you, and the playful spontaneity, the joy of living and creating and manifesting that brings about more and more good things multiplied, flowing to you.