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Strawberry Quartz Buddhas - Compassion, Connecting to Others & Healing

$10.00 SGD

Measures Approx 23mmL x 15mm W x 9mm Thk
Weighs: Approx 10g
Location: Mexico

One lovely piece will be intuitively picked for you!

Many people use this crystal because of its vitalizing energies on the heart. It also has spiritual healing properties directly linked to friendship and love.

It provides you with the energy and courage to recognise your self-worth and becoming a beacon of light for others to do the same. It also provides you with the confidence to show your talents to the world, and have others recognise you for them. 

These are soothing and calming stones, especially for stress and anxiety stemming from love and friendship. It can also help those who feel separated from Source, it begins the process of forgiveness of yourself and others; it provides insight, realization and healing. 


Apt that this strawberry quartz is carved as the Laughing Buddha; a representation of compassion, joy, and abundance!

Where do I place this? In your pocket, altar, your manifestation grid or bowl, or under your pillow!