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Starbrary Quartz- Lotus Heart

Dimensions: 89mm L x 41mm W x 35mm D
Location: Brazil

"This is a chunky point with several remarkably clear and clean faces and others with the glyphs and patterns of that make Starbraries unique. The energy signature of this piece focuses on opening the heart centre, like a lotus coming into bloom. The energy is light and expansive, bringing clarity to the third eye. This piece acts like a mirror to your many selves, integrating the many aspects of ourselves back into one."

Starbraries are an unusual quartz, with markings or glyphs, geometric patterns.

They have a unique energy, encoded by distant star systems.

These natural Quartz formations are precious, have a unique energy signature, individually encoded by various, distant Star Systems throughout the Universe.

They hold information from the peoples of these Star Systems that positively influenced human evolution, hence these unique crystals have become known as Starbrary Quartz.