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Spiralite Gemshells 3cm - Awaken Your Innate Telepathic Communication

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Measures about  3cm L

📌 Please see the second photo to select the shell.

Spiralite Gemshells are extraordinary agatized spiral seashell fossils found in India. Of the shells found, only 0.0025% are found to have druzy crystals inside. These crystals create a bridge between the mineral kingdom and animal kingdom, making it easier for us to access crystal energies and also connect with other animals, including our friends of the sea, dolphins, whales and so on.

"These crystals are highly energised; initially, it assists to create a strong spiralling current within, to assist to clear out and align the third eye and crown chakras. Feelings of peace and calm follow; a distinct centeredness."

They are believed to store some memory of ancient times of life on Earth. Those who wish to awaken their innate gifts of intuition and telepathic communication with their guides, Masters, as well as forge a stronger connection to Mother Earth herself, to crystals and animals, this crystal is highly recommended.