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Change in Opening Hours: Sunday Closed
Change in Opening Hours: Sunday Closed

Space Clearing Workshop

Sold out
$650.00 SGD
Date: 22 + 23rd June 2019
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: Full Circle SG, Day 2 space clearing venue in the River Valley area.
Regular Tuition: $650
Have you ever wondered how the professionals perform space clearing or wished to follow them around so you get to experience first hand how it is done, why certain things are done in a particular way, exactly what tools were used, and in what sequence and why? 
Over the course of this 2-day workshop, you will understand why simply using sage alone does not cleanse a space thoroughly enough. 
  • You will learn the techniques professionals use which is simple and practical, "do-able" methods that you can apply to bring vitality, peace, and abundance into your space.
  • We will not just share with you the theory, but we will go on-site and clear space on the second day of the class, and with the experience, you will be empowered to clear your space with confidence.
Day 1: Understand the Theory
  • Learn the specific tools needed to prepare for a space clearing session
  • Learn how often space clearing should be performed
  • Learn how to perform a space clearing overhaul and how to maintain pristine energy in your space
  • Learn a step-by-step method on how to space clear by working on the different elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Ether in a space to bring balance and positive energy
  • Learn to work with different elemental realms to aid your space clearing
  • Learn how prayers, affirmations, crystals, and essential oils can be used to maintain good energy or to rid negative energy in a space
  • Learn about lay lines, portals and how to clear ghosts & negative entities
  • Learn what items to put in different parts of the home or space to keep the energy clean and positive
  • Q & A
Day 2: Let’s Practice
  • We will meet on-site ( exact location will be shared with you after registration) and we will perform a space clearing together,
  • On-site space clearing review,
  • Q&A