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Shattuckite Raw - Enhancing Psychic Abilities, Connecting the Body, Mind, Spirit

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Weight: 297g
Dimensions: 6.5cm W x 6.3cm H x 3.2cm Thk

💎  This piece is self-standing and can be placed easily on any worktop.

Shattuckite assists to connect the Mind Body and Spirit, your senses will become enhanced and you’ll begin to notice how much more you can feel. Messages from our spirit guides and angels come in in the form of imagery, feelings, and synchronicity. This crystal helps to bring us into stillness, and a strong sense of awareness.

⚡️Assists to bring the capability of receiving ‘higher’ messages, filled with the Light of Truth

⚡️Enhances the understanding of current situations, communication with people as well as our guides, Teachers and Pure Light Beings.

⚡️Shattuckite also helps translate images and symbols channelled as higher guidance and wisdom into meaningful information. Some examples will include, how to relate better to their clients or their own lives, to be able to access that wisdom that only being aligned can bring.

⚡️Enhance psychic abilities, communication abilities - especially for those who use both for their work/careers, ie. public speakers, mediums, teachers, ministers, channellers, and even writers. To communicate messages of the Highest Truth, with Love and Kindness.

✓ Place on your work station, altar, on your bedside table, to do your reading, channelling, mediation and journaling. You can also 'crystal gaze' with this lovely raw Shattuckite! ( not in the traditional sense, but by gazing at your crystal, in close proximity, without having to touch it, and reach that sense of stillness inside)

❌ Shattuckite is a copper-based mineral, so you must wash your hands after handling them. Keep it in areas out of reach by pets or young children.