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Shattuckite & Malachite Raw

$128.00 SGD

Weight: 343g
Approx Dimensions: 8cm x 6.5cmH x 7cmD

For those who desire to "stand in their truth". Not just by what you say, but by what you do and will do, and often, what you will no longer do💪🏼
✨A lesson that Shattuckite instills is one of self- responsibility as the first step on the path of spiritual awareness. It helps to understand where your life may been out of alignment and supports you to seek out the Truth and heal relationships with balance and integrity. For us on the spiritual path, our first path must be one of integrity. Just like it is with "Yama", the first of the 8 limbs of yoga, which talks about our personal ethical standards, and a way understanding that is to do only unto others as you would have them do unto you. And with that, you hold a key to keeping energetic balance in relationships, both personal and at work, and situations that call for 'win-win' decisions. You will unlearn what gurus preach and explore the true essence of what elements are required for balance, for harmony.
✨This concept is potent and empowering because by becoming more conscious of the part we have had to play in many situations. We created something, we can equally do something about it. As we become ready to work with ourselves, we become less afraid to shine Light on many of our Shadows, inner peace is our reward. In order to teach truth, we must first be it.
💎Shattuckite often is found with Malachite and this specimen is one of them. Both Shattuckite and Malachite are copper based minerals, so you should wash your hands after handling them. This specimen is better placed in a space where you do your reflection, journaling and meditation.
💎Malachite is known by many for its protective, and transformative qualities. While it encourages qualities of self expression, it also inspires similar qualities of self responsibility. Its qualities of stirring the heart, to draw out repressed emotions, gives you freedom to cut those unwanted ties to out worn patterns. And you begin a path of transformation.

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