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Selenite Tumbled Stone Set of 6 with Flower of Life Pouch

$12.00 SGD

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Used to bring in light, clear stagnant energy or blockages, you can use Selenite Tumbled Stones for meditation, carry with you during your day to day activities, at your altar or in a crystal grid as it creates a liquid-light like energy to flood the space in you and around you. They are protective, and aids rejuvenation at the same time. You may also use it on your yoga mat to boost mental balance whilst establishing physical balance during your practice. 

Here is a simple meditation to contemplate on:

"Breathe in. And out. It's time to let go of the thoughts of the past and future and also people still within your sphere, who are toxic, lost within their clouded vision. Breaking free starts right here and now.

Draw in more light, and with each out breath, know that you are Light.”