Satyaloka Quartz Raw

There is a beautiful place in the South Indian mountains called Satyaloka where a large number of fully Enlightened people live. While they have been there for many years, only recently have they opened their doors to the outside world.  This group live there along with their spiritual Master, Sri Kalki Bhagavad.

Many of the Siddha Purushas of Satyaloka, males and females alike, are around 27 years old. They lead a simple and austere lifestyle. Their purpose is to help others, free themselves from blocks, whatever it maybe, to reach Mukti or Enlightenment. 

It is indeed difficult not to get touched by their purity, love and dedication. They have no masks, and the people who can see auras are amazed, for there is nothing but Light around them, no blocks at all. 

Satyaloka quartz are powerful healing stones. They help to shift consciousness as well as activate a part of the brain that produces a sense of deep inner peace, a stillness and liberation from stress. 

It purifies the thoughts, the aura and surrounding areas, aligns and activates the chakras, and will often create a deep connection to Supreme Consciousness, leading to personal growth, clarity and transformation.

Many have reported experiencing states of Enlightenment or experiencing states of Deep Inner Peace, Awareness, or Unconditional Love while entering into prayer or meditation with Satyaloka quartz.