Ruby Fuchsite Tumbled Stone

Element: Water
Chakra: Base, heart

Ruby Fuchsite is a natural composite of red Ruby and green Fuschite found in South India. The energies of this stone unites Ruby?s courage, strength and passion with Fuchsite?s calming, nourishing, and heart-based currents. It empowers and strengthens the emotional body. It can help one heal from past relationship issues and overcome sickness connected to dysfunctional emotional patterns. It can help one face the future with trust and confidence as it encourages self-esteem and self awareness. This stone encourages one to value oneself by reminding one of the Self?s eternal love.

Ruby Fuchsite promotes a powerful sense of overall health and well-being. It is said to infuse the body with prana and support bowels, heart, cells, and other organs.