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Rhodonite Palms • Forgive Yourself & Others • Self Worth and Confidence

Dimensions: Approx 6cm L x 4cm W x 2.1cm Thk
Weight: Appeox 100g
Locality: Madagascar

Rhodonite comes from the Greek word ‘rhodon’, which means ‘rose’. Like all roses they are also connected to the heart,  Rhodonite’s energy focuses on compassionate love. Combined with the dark inclusions of manganese oxide, this helps to ground all that heart energy.

A powerful healing stone for relationships, Rhodonite encourages clear communication, the backbone for all types of healthy relationships. 

Meditate with the Rhodonite to clear away old patterns and uncover the true passions of your heart. Hold in your hand or place it on your heart. 

Rhodonite reminds us that painful emotions are temporary, like a thunderstorm that quickly blows over, you can intend with your piece of Rhodonite to release the pain of old emotional wounds, so we are able to see the lessons, and evolve from them. 

💗 Emotional Balance

💗 Nurture feelings of love and oneness; for self and community

💗Ground excess energy and revitalize energy fields

💗Heal emotional shock, trauma

💗Move forward with compassion and strength

💗 Life purpose and reclaiming gifts 

💗Calm, positive disposition