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📌 Closed on Thursday 22nd August 2019
📌 Closed on Thursday 22nd August 2019

Rhodocrosite & Pyrite Eggs

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$52.00 SGD

For those who desire the courage and determination to manifest heart-centered changes or projects in your life, these crystals will aid you in your endeavours.

Rhodocrosite radiates one of the most gentle and loving energies of any stone. It soothes the heart and comforts the soul. It gives one a courageous heart to take action in expressing deep emotions and chasing one's dreams.

Pyrite is an exceptional source of power for the solar plexus chakra. It encourages a positive attitude and strong resolve while eliminating negativity. It can help those who would like to overcome bad habits and establish new patterns of health and positive energy. 

Pyrite is believed to stimulate creativity in art, mathematics, sculpture, architecture, science and other disciplines.

Rhodocrosite aids in emotional healing from past wounds due to emotional violence, serious shaming and other traumatic experiences. It is said to be a powerful heart healer.

In meditation, Rhodocrosite assists in travelling back in time for recovering lost memories and even reclaim certain traits and gifts in some cases. It promotes harmony in the auric field, especially the emotional body.