Reiki & Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Session- A Powerful Combination

The energy of Reiki is combined with the tones and vibrations of the Ancient Singing Bowls to induce relaxation, and release of emotions, and imbalance in the body.

The vibration of the ancient singing bowls, are not just "heard through the ears", but by each and every cell of the body, promoting healing from stress, anxiety, pain, depression and most forms of disease. When our bodies are able to relax, the process of detoxification follows. The energy of Reiki creates a 'healing cocoon', gently infusing the body and emotional body with healing light, giving you space to expand and realign your mental, emotional and physical bodies to a state of balance.

Each session goes for 60 mins.

Single Session: $200
3 Sessions: $570 ( $190 per session)
5 Sessions: $850 ($170 per session)

Purchase the option below, then contact Ivy on 8693 2355 or using the contact form to make an appointment with Tarra.