Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Our red jasper tumbled crystals are about 2.5cm in length.

These crystals are sold per piece

Element: Earth
Chakra: Root, Sexual/Creativity

This captivating Red stone has been found in numerous locations including India, Russia, Brazil, Germany, France and the USA. Red Jasper has long been revered as a very powerful talisman for protection in both the physical and spiritual realm. Some people actually carry this stone in their car to prevent accidents, theft and road rage. It also works perfectly in homes and offices to absorb electromagnetic and environmental pollution or radiation. This stone brings vibrancy, endurance, passion, love, balance, stability, creativity, self-mastery and focus.

Red Jasper is also used for grounding and healing purposes. It is said to be useful during meditation, prayer, contemplation, ceremonies, shamanic journey, astral travel and dream recall. It can be helpful in eliminating negativity and jealousy, stabilizing the aura, soothing the nerves and establishing new spiritual disciplines.