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Raspberry Fluorite Tower J • Creativity • Clarity • Focus • Insight

$53.00 SGD

Measures 136mm L x 35mm W x 31mm D
Weighs: 388g
Location: Mongolia

"Fluorite carries the vibration of clarity, insight and its very clearing for our energy fields.

It's very useful if you are looking to create structure in your life. Organized structure 🥰

These pieces of pink- magenta- yellow fluorite, I started calling them 'Raspberry Fluorites' even though there is no such thing, except for the colour 💗 and I love the colours!

These fluorites carry different energy from the greens and the purples. While they carry the energy signature of all fluorites; these 'raspberries' feel joyful, playful, sensual, creative; ideas are just waiting to be born.

Pinks and Magenta Fluorites are useful emotional healers, clearing out stuck emotions. Aligning the heart and mind, so you can be in the flow of the creative force from the higher realms, as it opens to you."