Quantum Quattro

Quantum Quattro is an interesting combination of 4 copper based minerals combined in a smokey quartz matrix. This powerful stone assists us to align our bodies, healing us on many levels and protects us while we are doing so as well.

✨Shattuckite clears and activates the third eye, throat, and heart, and it connects us with Universal wisdom and the higher realms. It highlights where we are out of alignment, helping us to self correct, and it is especially useful for communicating and teaching spiritual information.

✨Dioptase is one of the best minerals for clearing attachments, cords, karmic contracts, traumas, or blockages in your emotional body, family line, and interpersonal relationships. It heals the heart through the forgiveness vibration.

✨Malachite also assists in clearing old emotions and patterns, while offering auric protection from lower energies. Malachite also enhances will power and general health.

✨Chrysocolla connects with the peaceful Divine Feminine energies and is a excellent for clearing negative energy of any kind from any chakra. It detoxifies and heals many systems of the body, and it is perfect for those who speak, teach, write, or work with sound healing.

🌈All of these come together inside of Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz naturally purifies negative energy, transforming it into pure light. Smoky Quartz also has a grounding effect, assisting in stepping down higher energies and integrating them into our body and energy matrix.