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Pyrite Kitty Bracelets - For Grounding & Manifestation

$18.00 SGD

These bracelets fit 16cm wrists. Pyrite main bead size is 8mm

You will receive 1 bracelet intuitively picked for you. These bracelets are very pretty, one of the beads on each bracelet is a kitty, can you spot it?

Pyrite carries a masculine energy and brings in wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral with octahedral crystal systems found in Italy, Spain, and Peru and these beauties are Peruvian. This stone is exceptional for calling back of our personal power, the use of our will- power and that of the third chakra in both men and women.

Pyrite is said to help one overcome fear and take assertive action. It encourages a positive attitude and strong resolve while eliminating negativity. It can help those who would like to overcome bad habits and establish new patterns of health and positive energy. It is said to promote vitality, mental clarity and focus. It also aids in fighting infection. Pyrite is believed to stimulate creativity in art, mathematics, sculpture, architecture, science and other disciplines.