An excellent stone to help with stress, this batch of Purpurite comes from Namibia, South Africa.

If you have been aware of any self-destructive situations, that may be limiting your personal growth, this stone helps to clear these problems.?If you are doing public speaking this stone will benefit you, as it encourages your thoughts to be clear and focused. It helps you to deliver the information that others require, and to speak with confidence.

It embodies within it the violet flame energy, which is highly spiritual in nature. This energy also has powerful healing abilities, and offers strong psychic protection.?Its energy resonates most strongly?at the crown chakra.?It may create a feeling of accord with those you are speaking to, and will bring spiritual information through where needed.?

This is one of the strongest and purest stones of the violet ray. It carries within it the energy of the violet flame, and brings a strong serenity and deep peacefulness to your meditation with it.

It stimulates highly spiritual energies of clarity and insight, sharp focus and strong accord with others.?It aids compromise, and helps the thinker to avoid the deceptions of others.?

It allows the growth of courtesy and tactfulness of those involved.?So the energy of any group situation may be improved by using this beautiful purple stone.

Purpurite may open the crown chakra as well as open the eighth chakra above that, and link them down to the? base or root chakra.

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