Protection Pouch

This pouch comes with:

1. Snowflake Obsidian - protective for highly sensitive individuals, and helps to release old ways of thinking;
2. Blue Kyanite - empowering stone for speaking ones truth, cutting through fears and blockages; dispels blockages illusion and anger
3. Red Jasper - protects and grounds the body, instils determination, assertiveness and clears negativity
4. Black Tourmaline- cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energies
5. Sunstone - brings joy and boosts the aura, making it naturally protective. Also good for removing hooks from the aura.
6. Palo Santo Stick (1 stick)- to cleanse your stones and space
7. Metatron's Cube Pouch

These geometries exist everywhere, from our galaxy, to cities, sacred sites, music, art, nature including our body and cells. These geometries follows a base principle that all physical reality originates from the infinite according to a universal framework of geometric structures and ordered proportion and are considered sacred. In early Kabbalist scriptures the sacred geometry of this cube was said to emerge from the soul of the highest archangel of the Kabbalah, Metatron. This sacred cube shows precisely the aesthetic properties and symmetry of the Five Platonic solids. This geometry can be used for creating, healing and protection.