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Prophecy Stone EG

Dimensions: 54mm L x 35mm H 
Weight: 103g
Location: Egypt

You will receive the exact crystal in the photos/video.

Prophecy Stones are a pseudomorph; Limonite / Hematite After Marcasite / Pyrite. The original crystal structure remains from the Marcasite / Pyrite but has morphed and the molecules changed completely to become what's known as Prophecy Stones.

“I did not expect to feel the energy so strongly. I held 2 pieces, one in each hand and almost immediately, I felt the chakras at my feet open up; the energies quickly moved up to the third eye and crown, and all the way up to the other chakras above. My mind went quiet and I felt the stillness enveloping me. The Light grounding into my physical body, flushing out emotions. If I held onto them any longer, tears would have started to fall. I put them down so that I could share this with you.” - @AscensionWithTarra

How to use it? 

Hold it in meditation - or simply close your eyes, breathe in and out slowly and allow the energy of the stone work with you in a relaxed state.

You may also lie down to do this.

Pro tip: 5 mins at a time, set a timer on your phone. As you get used to it, you can lengthen the duration on your timer. 🤗