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Pomander 25ml - Sapphire Blue

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Peace and Communication


The Sapphire Blue Pomander is the communication protector the greater the need for it, the more powerful its ability to protect. It is an important area of our beingness because it is connected to the expression of who we are in all ways.
The Sapphire Blue can protect and calm. It fosters tolerance of ourselves and others as it stimulates inspiration and trust in our inner guidance. It lessens extreme suffering, especially in times of transition. It is the ultimate protector for the clairvoyant, and an examination of recorded history reveals that Blue is connected with many ideologies and religions in the world. Sapphire is supportive of public speaking or teaching. 

The Sapphire Blue Essence embraces all the mysticism of the East. It is a wonderful companion for those working with the dying as well as in re-birthing and midwifery situations. Contained within this treasure is a message for those that suffer and want support in their hour of need. It strengthens our resilience, emotionally and aids with difficulties one might have with authority figures.

Instructions For Use

Place 3 drops (or one spray) of Pomander into the left palm & rub the hands together. Outstretch your arms, giving it away to the world - out of the left hand, back into the right. Energy follows thought, really it flash around the earth, pure white light, protection for the earth. Then gently waft the herb & the energies of crystals through the aura. Firstly, over the crown; then through the back of the head, through the temples of awareness, joining your hands together over the crown. Then bring the hands down, through the third eye, to the throat….wafting the hands gently over the communication centre before resting quietly over the heart. Take into the heart any persons or situation that weighs heavily on the heart surrounding them/it with the protective energies of the pomander. Then move down over the solar plexus, the hara, giving it away to the earth….as we offer back to mother earth anything we have taken from the earth. Then bring your hands up & take three deep breaths into your own temple.