Pink Calcite (Opaque)

  • Opaque Pink Calcite can be used to enhance and stabilise the heart's field and make one more perceptive of the energies of everything in one's environment. Because the heart knows without words, one's consciousness through the heart field can take the form of empathic identification with whatever one perceives. In other words, through the heart, we become what we behold.

    Such perception is one of the deep joys of life and is not to be missed.

    Opaque Pink Calcite is a stone of empathy. It is helpful for those who do distant healing work, because it assists in attuning to the energy fields of others, even if they are not present. It can be used to dispel arguments and stubbornness in oneself and others, aiding one in seeing the other's point of view as if it were one's own. Opaque Pink Calcite harmonizes with other heart stones, such as Rose Quartz, Morganite, Kunzite and Moldavite, as well as all other Calcites. Using it in conjunction with Transparent Pink Calcite, one can enhance the full spectrum of the heart's physical and nonphysical aspects.

    Pairing this stone with Moldavite, will amplify and accelerate its effects.