Pink Agate Tumbled

These stones are approx 1.5 inch in length.

Element: Air
Chakra: Root

Agate's energies generally focus on balancing yin/yang energy. It supports courage, protection, harmony, healing, sense of security, calmness, as well as unconditional love for self and others. Pink agate strengthens the love between parent and child.

Pink Agate is a powerful neutralizer. It dispels anger and negative energy. It is said to heal old pain, despair, tension and heartache. It can help us let go of misconceptions and beliefs that no longer serve us. This stone is believed to enhance mental function, concentration, perception and analytical abilities. Physically speaking, Agate helps in healing the eyes, stomach, uterus and skin disorders. It also cleanses the pancreas and lymphatic system, then strengthens blood vessels.