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Opal Earrings Set K- More out of Life!

You will receive the earrings in the photograph. 

Opals are crystals of amplification, hope, and purity. A gem that is pretty to look at with its spectral colours reflecting light of different shades at you, they help us ground our warrior spirt and brings out the creative passion with an optimistic outlook. It has been used though out history as a lucky charm, an enabler; to magnetise good karma and amazing things to one’s life. 

It brings out renewed hope and ignites spontaneity and passion for projects and all kinds of creative projects. The energies of Opal wants you to experience all the good things in life; the luxuries, more than just money; but love, passion, play, satisfaction and more. 

On an energetic level, it works on the solar plexus chakra, and the organs associated with this area of your body, the liver, stomach and gallbladder issues, and it is said to help renew skin cells. Dewy skin, here we come! 

It is also said to promote lymphatic flow, so those who struggle with water retention, let us release all that excess of water now!