Meteorite Pendant - Campo del Cielo

Measures approximately 1.0 x 1.3 cm

from Campo del Cielo, Argentina

The Campo del Cielo meteorites from Argentina were named for the location where they were found, that location itself was named after the meteorite event. The indigenous people, who used the iron from the meteorites for weapons, told the Spanish settlers that the stones had fallen from the sky (something that most of the Europeans found hard to believe), and their name for the place was translated into Spanish as Campo del Cielo, or Field of the Sky.

Meteorites are shaped by their passage through the atmosphere, their surfaces melting and usually developing rounded contours though they do have a tendency to break apart once they crash to the ground, so individual meteorite specimens may not look terribly streamlined. Their passage can also shape them in other ways, and often there are impressions like thumbprints made on the surface.