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Luscious Jade "Ruyi" Pendant – A Symbol of Prosperity and Grace

Introducing our Luscious Jade "Ruyi" Pendant – a masterpiece of elegance and cultural significance. Carved from the finest jade, this pendant embodies the traditional "Ruyi", an object that symbolizes good luck and wishes for prosperity in Chinese culture. This exquisite piece is not only a fashion statement but also a bearer of positive energy and blessings.

Each piece has been attuned to the Dragon energies for success, abundance, prosperity.


  • Exquisitely carved from high-quality jade with a creamy, translucent finish
  • Elegant "Ruyi" design, often associated with granting wishes and offering protection
  • Polished to a soft luster that enhances the stone’s natural beauty
  • Accented with a tasteful gold-tone bail for a touch of luxury
  • Ideal for both casual and formal settings, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit


  • Pendant size: 1.8cm W x 1.5cm H x 0.4cm Thk

What's Included:

  • 1 Jade "Ruyi" Pendant

Styling Tip: This pendant is perfect for adding an air of serene elegance to your attire. Wear it with a sleek gold chain for a refined look or pair it with a black cord for a modern, chic vibe.

Care Instructions: Preserve the beauty of your jade pendant by storing it in a soft pouch away from other jewelry. Clean with a soft, damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals.

A Perfect Gift For: The Jade "Ruyi" Pendant is a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates fine jewelry with deep cultural roots. It is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a token of good luck for someone starting a new venture.

Note: Natural jade varies in pattern and shade, so each pendant is uniquely yours, with its own characteristic veining and color profile.