Lightning Strike Quartz 15g

Lightning strike quartz is rare and comes from a mountain range in Brazil known as the Serra de Espinhaco which is frequently hit with orographic thunderstorms and spectacular lightning strikes. Miners have reported finding unique “flash stones” in this area; namely clear quartz specimens that have been repeatedly hit by this lightning.

The intense heating and cooling, combined with the electrical charge and high pressure of the lightning, creates a characteristic 'zig zag' pattern on the surface of the crystal. The unique patterns you see on these crystals can only be caused by this very unique set of circumstances. 

Personally when we discovered these stones, and their unique energy and how it is able to circulate in your body to harmonize and clear our energy fields, we have been bringing whenever we can, as they are rare. 

Lightning strike quartz is a very high vibration tool is used for harmonizing, clearing energies, and accessing the Higher Realms. This crystal also connects and harmonizes your physical and transpersonal chakras in preparation for deep healing work. Useful for healers and those who are working on themselves.


  • Hold one in each hand during meditation
  • Use in body layouts, and with Reiki
  • Use as a crystal wand for crystal grids