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Activated Lightning Lemurian Point VS - Manifestation Inner Child Healing

Dimensions: 2.7cm W x 2cm Thk x 8.4cm L
Weight: 77g
Location: Brazil

This crystal has been activated during our Crystal Cavern Event.

You will receive the exact crystal in the photographs.

These are extremely rare pieces of quartz that contain the energies of lightning and storm and come from a region of Brazil that has strong Sirian energies infused within these Lightning Lemurians.

They acquired their name, Lightning Strike Lemurians, due to the fact that they are literally struck by lightning.
This area of Brazil has a unique climate where orographic thunderstorms are frequent. Lightning from these storms travels through the earth to the underlying quartz deposits.

“Interestingly, orographic lightning has some peculiar features: it reaches velocities of 160,000 m/s (524,934 ft/s), and it achieves plasma temperatures of 30,000°C in nanoseconds. Evidence of the effect of this special lightning on lightning-struck quartz crystals is the presence of beta-quartz (which only forms at temperatures over 573°C), along with the presence of cristobalite, the high-temperature modification of quartz (which forms at temperatures of about 1,715°C).”
The effects of orographic lightning are evident in these high vibration crystals. The high pressure, rapid heating and cooling process create a zig-zag or lightning pattern on the surface of the quartz. Which is one of its most identifiable properties.

“The Lightning Lemurians are very powerful and effective for clearing the meridian pathways and any physical pain and knots in the physical body. It assists in the release of attachments and cords from the aura fields. The crystals have told me that they do not require much cleansing or charging as they have the ability to transmute energies not coherent with them. To charge a Lightning Lemurian, place them out in the open or by the window on a stormy night to absorb the energies of lightning and thunder.”