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Hematite Lemurian Seed Point A

Length: 3cm L 
Weight: 7.2g
Location: Brazil

You will receive the exact crystal in the photographs.

It holds all the qualities of a lemurian seed crystal with added grounding properties, that can strengthen the body's energies by increasing magnetism and amplifies the flow of life force energy in its vicinity when carried on the body. 

Lemurian carries a profound connection to Divine Feminine wisdom. When a Lemurian is in our environment, it raises the consciousness of the whole area. Each Lemurian has a unique energy signature with a very strong resonance, which works as a guide in a one-of-a-kind, co-creative relationship with us. Deep spiritual insight, ancient wisdom, and profound healing on all levels are just some of the gifts that come from working with a Lemurian.

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