Grossular Garnet

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              Dimensions </a>  </li>  <li>  <a  href = "#tab3"  class = "" > 
                Crystal Clear Policies </a>  </li>  </ul>  <!--Start tab content-->  <ul  class = "tabs-content" >  <li  class = "active"  id = "tab1"  style = " display :  block ; " >  <div>  <p> Grossular garnet is derived from the Latin word for <i> gooseberries </i> , because of the likeness of the colours of the berries and certain light-green Grossular Garnets.  </p><p> Grossular Garnets are excellent natural grounders of abundant manifestation. Their vibrational pattern creates and eager confidence, a motivation to get to business and make things happen. Paired with Moldavite, these would be unbeatable for bringing into reality one's rightful abundance and highest path of achievement in this world. </p><p> Grossular Garnet exemplifies <b> hope, empowerment, and all things nurturing from Mother Earth </b> . In shades as varied as a magnificent sunrise, to the lush and verdant greens of growth and renewal, it is a stone of prosperity and abundance; encouraging gratitude and service to others. </p><p> As a potent prosperity stone, Grossular Garnet is healing of all limitations on the physical level, in health or wealth. Green Garnet carries an especially regenerative energy, and is excellent for those who've had money problems and wish to reform. As a stone of strength, Grossular Garnet will benefit new business ventures, promoting growth and warm client contact. It strengthens stability in lawsuits and challenges, transforming lower forms of response and reaction to loving forms of reply. </p>  </div>  </li>  <li  id = "tab2"  class = ""  style = " display :  none ; " >  <div>  <p><b> Dimensions </b> : 3 - 4 cm in length </p>  </div>  </li>  <li  id = "tab3"  class = ""  style = " display :  none ; " >  <div>  <p><b> Crystals are Unique </b></p><p> This is a reminder that crystals are unique. While they can be polished or faceted in a similar way, our polished crystals are hand finished, so if you buy 2, they will differ from each other. </p><p><b> About Photography </b></p><p> Crystals naturally have inclusions, and we appreciate that about nature. </p><p> We take a photo of a sample of each crystal or item, however, do know that the piece you receive will vary from the photograph shown. </p><p><b> Shipping </b></p><p> Please choose the shipping that is most appropriate for the item you are purchasing and in some cases we have done it for you. </p><p> We are responsible for your items until it is mailed out. We will not be able to track or check the status of regular mail items. </p><p><b> Returns & Exchanges </b></p><p> All purchases are final, we do not offer returns or exchanges. </p><p><br>  </p>  </div>  </li>  </ul>