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Golden Lemurian Point - Divine Connection & Will Power FJ

Length : 6.3cm L 2 cm Thk, 2.4cm W
Weight: 47g

Location: Brazil

You will receive the exact crystal in the photographs, 

Golden Lemurian Seed crystals are uniquely colored, the shades of light golden yellow come from the yellow iron oxide deposits in Brazil.

These pieces are very energising, they bring in gold liquid light into the body first, clearing and pushing out energies that do not belong, healing rips and tears in the auric field.

Their energies are very creative, inspirational and full of life force, yet calming. The image that comes to mind is an onion bulb that has already sprouted, like an 'antenna' bringing in  the higher dimensional energy into the body, adding much needed "fuel" or light to the physical body- bringing with it qualities of vitality, motivation and new ideas.

How to use?

☀️Hold them in meditation, and intend to its unique energy to push and seal and heal your energy body, carry them with you to integrate their protective energies.

☀️Use it for goal setting, manifestation. Journal, write or draw out a business plan or action steps to what you wish to create. Program the crystal to assist you to bring in the people, energies and alignment with ease and grace for this to happen and place the crystal on top of your plan.

☀️If you feel stuck, you may wish to lie down and breathe deeply and relax with a piece on your belly.

They activate will power and positivity!