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Fluorite 9 Tail Fox - Insight • Luck • Good Relationships

$10.00 SGD

Measures Approx 23mmL x 15mm W x 9mm Thk
Weighs: Approx 10g
Location: China

These lucky 9 tail foxes will be intuitively picked for you. 

The 9 tailed fox is an auspicious symbol;  it brings in good relationships and luck, openings to new opportunities, and combined with the insight that fluorite brings, it is a winning combination that many of our clients and friends have shared since they bought this!

Fluorite has been known through the ages to be a 'learning' stone, to declutter, organise ( or reorganise) thoughts, and aid communication with clarity and ease. It brings balance and cleanses the negativity and distractions around us from reaching our highest potential.

Place a fox (or 2) in your wallet!