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Flower Agate Dinosaurs - Jiggle and Roll - Let's play!

$36.00 SGD

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Locality: Madagascar

"Chubby and so cute to play with. These little dinos make my heart melt. Suitable as gifts, or to work with, flower agates melt away the scar tissue from old trauma, releasing the old, so you can welcome the new. The best way to reconnect with your inner child is to play, and these little bubbies just make me want to play."

Flower Agates are heart openers- a recent find out of Madagascar. They are a type of agate that has tiny ( sometimes big) flower formations in them. 

Flower agates bridge the gap between emotions and reality by activating and connecting the heart and root chakras together. Working with these lovely crystals you begin to open the heart, releasing the pain that is embedded lifetime after lifetime, and in that release, we gain freedom.

Flower agate energies resonate with our true essence, and it brings about a frequency of recognition, and the trauma or masks worn to conceal the trauma begins to unravel and fall apart. This is a useful crystal of this age and time, to fuse and ground the 5th dimension reality into each and every one.