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Ebony Bracelet

$88.00 SGD

🤜🏻 Fits wrist size 14.5 - 15.5cm

💎6mm Black Tourmaline with silver and gold bling spacers used

The EBONY Evolve Energized Bracelet is designed to carry the smart elegance of modern jewellery, using powerful grounding and protection stones suitable for everyday use. The styling is classic and will fit perfectly with your everyday wear.

💎Black Tourmaline- Provides psychic protection and EMF protection. A strong grounding stone. Increases mental alertness, improves circulation and boosts immunity.

Crystals used are paired for their energetic resonance and will be cleansed and energized specifically to the wearer.

At checkout, please let us know the name of the person it's for, so that the bracelet can be energetically attuned to you or the person it's intended for.