Crystal Grid 101

Date: 22ndApril 2018
Time: 1-4pm
Tuition: $125 ( Door Gift: Intention Cards suitable for making your first grid)

Learn the formal ways to create a powerful crystal grid to enhance the energies of crystals to help you reach your goals and desires.

Class outline:

1. Picking the right size crystals for your grid

2. Where to place your crystal grid

3. How to activate and deactivate your crystal grid

4. Learn to choose the right crystal combinations for different purposes

5. Crystal grids with Sacred Geometry

6. Learn how to mix and match crystals for your grid

7. Hands on practice in class making a grid

8. Bonus!! Meditation with a Crystal Grid!

Participants are encouraged to bring their existing crystals so that we may show you how you can use them to start creating crystal grids!

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**Seats are limited to 12 only for this class due to space constraint and the need for individual attention to be given. **

** Cancellations or no shows are non-transferrable and non-refundable**